Friday, 18 January 2013

This is the sound of settling

Okay, I know it's pathetic compared to snowfall in certain other parts of the world, but let England have its moment! We had a bit of snow on Monday which got me excited, then the rest of the week it has been just a little frosty. But today, Friday, I woke up to flakes falling outside my window and it hasn't stopped - looks like it's settling and it's here to stay for the next week. I know it will bore me when it starts to inconvenience me, but right now I'm treating it as a good excuse not to go outside; it's so cold, and I'm so glad I did my food shopping yesterday.

I have a French translation exam tomorrow morning - yes, on a Saturday. There's not really much I can do in the way of revision for that, so I'm just taking the opportunity to read some texts to get into the "French mood" again. After that, I have one more week of "break", but it's going to be packed full of work I need to prepare for the new classes. Given those dreadful essays that sucked up my will to live, I feel like I haven't had a moment to relax since Christmas Day.