Saturday, 6 September 2014

Welcome to Wilmersdorf

As I said in my last post, I was lucky enough to find a room, for the month, before even arriving in Berlin. I am in the southwesterly Wilmersdorf area. It's relatively residential and peaceful; at the moment it feels more like living in Germany than specifically living in Berlin, if you see what I mean. Even though it is lovely and there aren't so many temptations and distractions from what I need to be getting on with right now, I've decided that when I do find somewhere for a long-term basis it needs to be in a more central or eastern neighbourhood - somewhere within easy reach of alternative bookstores, music events, vegan eateries. After all, those are a few of the reasons why I moved here, and I'm already finding the U-Bahn journeys  right across town to be a bit tiring and time-consuming.

In the four days since I arrived here, I've tried and failed to register at the Bürgeramt (no appointments til October!), had an assessment for a job, and opened a bank account. On a social note, we went to my housemate's friend's house in Wedding, and we sat up on the balcony over the night-time street, planes from nearby Tegel Airport taking off over us. This friend was about to move, so was giving away a load of free stuff - I got a couple of books and a jumper even though I'm really trying not to accumulate! Yesterday I met up with Alix and ate a heavenly slice of cheesecake at Chaostheorie, a vegan café in Prenzlauer Berg. And I'm attending a literary reading this weekend, which I'm looking forward to!

I have to keep reminding myself that a) I haven't even been here a week yet, but also that b) that I am not here as a tourist with a time limit. Therefore, I don't need to rush and do everything at once! I have no idea what my situation will be this time next month, but I am just trying to put myself out there, do what feels natural, and hopefully the rest will follow.