Saturday, 8 August 2015

Sommer auf der Roten Insel

Did I ever tell you about my Kiez? It's called the Rote Insel - "Red Island" - referring to the confluence of the Südkreuz, Schöneberg and Yorckstraße S-Bahn stations. There is even a blog dedicated to local goings-on!

I've been holed up inside trying to take it easy, as illness has been flaring up this week. The temperature outdoors is fluctuating between 35 and 40 degrees, which is deeply frustrating; even though I loathe hot weather, there's something about everyone talking about the lakes they've been swimming in and the ice creams they've been devouring, while you're in bed nibbling rice waffles.

So, I decided a nice walk around the Rote Insel might soothe both my stomach and soul.

There are quite a few families living around here, but it's still generally quiet - this is a welcome respite, since I work in Mitte. I like the fact that I can walk to the Akazienkiez and even to Nollendorfplatz, which are two of my favourite areas in Berlin.

The Rote Insel has some celebrity flair, as Marlene Dietrich was born on Leberstraße. It is also pretty publishing-influenced, which is great in my book (ha!). There's the Langenscheidtbrücke, right next to Langenscheidt Verlag. Go a bit further eastwards, towards Kreuzberg, and you've also got Dudenstraße (however, I can't find confirmation that this is actually related to Duden - may just be a coincidence).

Ich liebe Schöneberg!


View from the Langenscheidtbrücke onto the S1 track, heading north. Can you see the teeny-tiny TV Tower in the distance?