Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Lush essentials

After nearly six months, I've left my part-time job at Lush. While I'm a bit sad because it was a lot of fun and I got to know the best team ever, I am of course so excited about my new in-house editing role.

I thought I would mark the occasion by going into beauty blogger mode and naming five products I'll be returning to buy...

All the products here are self-preserving, and aside from the face mask (which contains honey), are all vegan. Links to the products lead to the UK site, as info will be in English.

Obvious note, just in case: although I was once employed by Lush, I'm not being paid to write this and everything here is my honest opinion!

This photo features Wojtek, who oversaw the making of this product.

Through working at Lush, I can say it's a common misconception that you need to keep all their face masks in the fridge. This is one of the two masks currently available in Germany that don't need to be chilled, and can be used up within three months rather than three weeks.

The smell of Magnaminty reminds me of a delicious tub of mint choc ice cream. It gives you a lovely tingly feeling while declogging the pores. As you rinse it off after the standard 10-15 minute soaking time, you also get a little bit of exfoliation in.

My skin is on the oily side and bows to my hormones, making Magnaminty the perfect go-to whenever things get tough.

I was initially sceptical of this thing, but it's now become my favourite moisturiser of all time. It's chock-full of vitamins and is very nourishing, so I feel great about putting it on my face. It also costs less than any of the Lush moisturisers that come in pots.

It's ideal for use at night, as its appearance is quite slick before it completely sets in. Grace is also recommended as the base to a face mask, as it opens up your pores, allowing the mask to cleanse and detox more deeply.

It did take me a while to warm up to this as a perfume, but now whenever I wear it, I could eat my whole arm. There's something just so delicious and sexy about it.

As Karma is one of the company's signature scents, you can buy it in many other formats. I'm overcome with nostalgia every time I sniff the Karma bubble bar as it was one of the things I bought on my first trip to Lush as a teen, at the now-closed store in Covent Garden, London!

Let's face it, part of my fondness for the Buffy body butter may lie in the name - at one point, the product copy contained wonderful puns relating to "slaying dead skin cells" and "Angel-soft skin". But really... I think skin exfoliators (and the feeling of having exfoliated skin) are underrated. Especially when they rub you up as well as Buffy does!

I like to wash with a shower gel first, then use Buffy in circular movements all over my body. It's also great for softening up the hairs on your legs before shaving, if that's your thing.

When I first took R&B away as a sample a while ago, I wasn't impressed at all and wondered why it was a bestseller - it just made my Hermione hair very greasy.

Turns out I hadn't been using it properly. Although R&B looks pricey from the outside, you actually need only very, very little, making it worth the investment. A quick swab of the custard-resembling, jasmine-scented stuff between my fingertips is enough, then I just massage it into my hair (everywhere below the tops of my ears, for an even look).