Who are you?

Hi! My name's Rosamund (or Rose), a British immigrant in Germany since 2014. I live in Berlin and work as a freelance translator (from French and German) and copywriter (English only). You can read more about that here

Some general stuff I am into: putting peanut butter onto everything, bad films (The Room, Showgirls, pretty much anything starring Nicolas Cage), the nomenclature of towns and cities in different languages, pub quizzes, nice stationery, grey marl clothing and trying not to wear too many different items of it at once, getting up early, intuition/synchronicity/laws of attraction, the unrelenting deus ex machina in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, spotting other cheesy TV tropes, sad, gravelly-voiced male singer-songwriters (Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave), learning Russian, pastel hair dye.

Please don't use any of my photographs without my permission and without crediting them to me. Stealing them is bad form! Thanks.