Who are you?

Hi! My name's Rosamund (or Rose). I grew up in a country that voted to fuck itself up for no good reason at all, and since 2014 I've been living in a country that sure has its annoying and terrible aspects, but on the whole I'm content here.

I work at a film agency. I also do freelance translation (German and French into English) and writing. My career basically started when I joined Newsround's Press Pack when I was 8, followed by winning a short story competition judged by iconic children's author Jacqueline Wilson aged 10.
Anyway, you can r
ead more about my work here

I like peanut butter, bad movies (The Room, Showgirls, pretty much anything starring Nicolas Cage), pub quizzes, nice stationery, grey marl clothing and trying not to wear too many different items of it at once, and some other stuff because I am a simple-yet-complex individual just as you are.

Please don't use any of my photographs without my permission and without crediting them to me. Stealing them is bad form! Thanks.